October 27, 2008

Going to Guns, Mav...

Oh, remember that other Maverick? Hard to believe Tom Cruise is preferable to the current self-described user of that name. Actually, reports today reveal (with stunning 'no-duh-ness') that Palin is going all roguey on the McCain campaign. Little lady doesn't like to lose. Hell, she doesn't even give wildlife a fighting chance. Why do I think one of the first things she's gonna do with that shiny new passport is head to a 'safari' in Africa, where they pen up lots of exotic beasts, hand rich morons a Jeep and a gun, and tell them to go find a trophy? Hell, she's probably just going to lean over one day and pop McCain one and hang his head on her wall. I think this woman misnamed herself as a pitbull. She's all rattlesnake, that one.

I have a gun problem. Well, we all have a gun problem, but here's mine.

I get the hunting thing. I grew up with a father who had rifles. He'd go up north during pheasant season and bring home little stupid birds my mother was supposed to cook. He was raised on a farm - you ate what you killed, and you protected your herd.

Somehow that has been extrapolated to handguns on our streets, where you just kill what you hit, and you protect your car. Or your reputation. Or your drugs. Whatever. It's all lost something in the translation, and somebody somewhere had better explain to me damned fast why anyone needs a handgun for any reason other than to kill a human.

Automatic and semi-automatic weapons? Same thing. Are you kidding? Read this - and 8- year- old kid killed with a semi in Massachusettes. At a gun show. Ferchristsakes, an 8- year- old firing a semi automatic - with a certified instructor with him in the shooting range.

Am I missing something? Freaking 8? The whole idea of 'gun show' is repulsive enough. Not 'hunting and sportsman show', not 'outdoors show', not 'he-man, wear-your-camo, traipse-around-the-woods-throwing-beer-cans show' - no, Gun Show. Why doll it up? There's enough fire power in the U.S. in private hands to kill everyone who lives there several times over. And apparently, it's never too soon to let little Billy blow his own head off. That'll teach him.

I read that Quebec has launched an ad campaign to boost (defend?) its hunting associations. Stuff like 'moose - the other red meat' and 'squirrel - it's what's for dinner' or some such thing. I get the whole rural thing, and I don't take huge issue with it. How could I? But I do think the budget for the program - $150,000 - won't make much of a dent.

They should have spent it on a new wardrobe for some hot chick who was feeling all mavericky....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorraine: As Red Skelton use to say, "I can't top this one, so I'll say good night"...Nailed this one. Well said...


October 27, 2008 9:51 AM  

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