November 2, 2008

Seems Like Old Times

The clock in the bathroom is finally right, after 6 months.

This just may be my favourite day of the year. The bathroom clock is up really high, so last spring it just got left. Everyone just made a note in their head to deduct the hour, and off we went. The clock by my bed is 15 minutes fast, so I'm no stranger to the concept of a certain fluidity in time. The rest of the family rolls their eyes ("what's the real time"), but I've been doing it since I was a kid, so I can't change now.

The clock in the kitchen used to be 6 minutes fast, so Christer wouldn't miss his bus. It was the only way to get him out the door on time. When the Poor Sod moved in, he kept having a little heart attack every morning as he got his lunch together - he thought he'd lost 6 minutes somewhere between putting on his boots and finding his sandwich. It took months before I finally admitted the clock was messed.

The kids don't take a bus now, so we put the clock back a couple of years ago. It took me ages to know what time it was. I don't wear a watch, but I am never, ever late for anything. I'm anally punctual (that sounds a little painful as I look at the words), and my favourite people to meet are my two sisters. We're all the same. Gilly and I met for lunch the other day, pulled into the parking lot within a minute of each other. Ten minutes early. Same with Roz - we've pulled into the cottage driveway within five minutes of each other.

Make sure you replace all your batteries in your smoke detectors. If they're old, just buy new ones - they come with batteries. Make sure you have them on every level of the house. Here in Burlington, they have a program where firefighters go door to door checking that you have up-to-date alarms. A crew showed up on my doorstep last year; they went around with a little checklist, all pleased we had so many detectors, a fire extinguisher by the kitchen (don't say it), and a couple of carbon monoxide detectors. Actually, I learned later if you don't have fresh batteries, they give 'em to you. As 4 firefighters traipsed around my house, I realized our attention to detail meant they wouldn't be staying long. I offered to make coffee.

I've already planned my extra hour today - I have to pick walnuts up out of the grass out back. I may love the canopy the huge trees provide (they're in a neighbour's yard) but walnuts are nasty. My Dad used to pay us a penny a piece to pick them up each fall. My Mom used to get peeved when we did it in our little knitted mittens and got them all stained. Avoid doing it on a windy day - I've been conked on the head more than once (don't say it).

I've ordered snow tires (thanks, Dave & Kathy - I have the best readers!), winter coats are up and I put flannel sheets on the beds the other day. We're going to put the nice new planters we bought away in the garage, instead of leaving them out to crack, like usual. The boys don't know it yet, but they are cutting the grass for the last time today, and raking leaves. They will throw walnuts at each other. I'll let them, unless they hit me. They will say it was an accident (don't say it).

You know how if you get a tax refund, some Advisor Stickupmyarse will point out to you it was actually your money all year, and you've lost the interest on it and shouldn't see it as a windfall? And you look at them and think, 'Buddy - I would not have this money unless they sent me a cheque just like this, so shut up'?

Well, this time change is the same. Some idiot will always point out that it's not really a bonus hour. It's the one they took away in the spring.

But, I'll take my windfalls where I can find them. And speaking of windfalls, there are walnuts waiting.


Blogger DJW said...

You are far too organized these days.
I thought the extra hour would leave you more time to work on your book.


November 03, 2008 2:15 PM  

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