February 22, 2009

George & Nicholas Go To Chad

When the kids ask if we're going to buy a lottery ticket because the pot is so big, my reflex answer is always the same: You were born in Canada, you already won the lottery.

I dunno when I first heard that, but it's true. No matter how deeply the economy tanks, no matter how stressful these times can be, this is quite possibly the best place in the world to be.

Nicholas Kristof, a columnist with the NYT reminds me of this regularly. His reporting from Darfur has been nothing short of stunning, and today's column here is no different. Please read it. It matters. It's a couple of minutes, it's compelling, and it's got George Clooney in it.

I reviewed a book last year - Stolen Angels, by Kathy Cook - that took my breath away. The resilience and strength of these remarkable women is astounding. I'm sifting through the Sunday papers here, and most of the headlines are about how boring the Oscars have become. I think diversions are nice, and necessary, especially in these tough times.

But we've become a society so totally immersed in our diversions that we've forgotten we share this planet with people - wonderful, amazing people - who are being slaughtered as we sit, waiting for Ryan Seacrest to ask "who are you wearing?"


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