February 9, 2009

Stay With Me

This could get rambly. But it's bugging me.

The OPP have busted a large child porn ring. As always, I scan down the list of names charged, wondering who these people are, who lives next to them, who their families are, and wondering how I would feel if one of the names bounced out at me. So far, that's only happened once in my life, and my stomach clenched like a rock. Without going into details, that situation has haunted me for over 2 decades.

Here's the list. Friends? Co-workers? Neighbours? Family? I mean, come on. Somebody knows these guys. Men that believe it is okay to sexualize and abuse young children. Allegedly. Always allegedly.

We are privy to the most heinous deeds humans are capable of doing to each other. And still, I can think of little more vile than grown men raping infants and children. And then filming it and trading it to other sick bastards. And yet, they live among us. And nobody ever knows? In an era when everything - everything - we do is recorded, filmed, tracked and catalogued, people can still get away with preying on children? Do these children not have parents, grandparents, neighbours, friends, teachers, anyone? Are we so out of touch, and out of reach, of the children in our society that we don't notice?

There's always a big noise made when they release a known sex offender into a neighbourhood. It happened around here a few months back, and it's scary. But what most people need to keep remembering is that every neighbourhood already has these people in it, whether they're sporting a big red 'P' on their forehead or not. And whether you have kids or not, or whether you believe your kid is safe or not, is not good enough. We owe our kids - all of our kids - more.

I'll tell you a story about my mom. One time, probably 40 years ago now, she was walking down New Street, a main street near our house. Skipping ahead about a block of her was a little girl, perhaps 7. As they walked, a car drove past my mother, and stopped beside the little girl. The driver, a man, leaned across the passenger seat, and cranked down the window. The little girl ran to the car, and my mother ran to the little girl. Now, my mother didn't run. Nope. Not a runner.

Out of breath, she put herself between the little girl and the car, holding her by the arm. "Do you know this man?" she asked the girl. Who stared at her incredulously, and replied, "Yes! He's my Daddy!". My mother was 8 levels of embarrassed until she realized the man was thanking her profusely. The little girl was still just perplexed.

We need to risk being embarrassed. We need to step up and let kids know we care enough to be wrong. We need to trust our instincts when something isn't right, and quit thinking its not our business. Children get hurt because adults don't act.

As for these alleged sick bastards in the list above? Somebody knew. I guarantee it. And I'm so sorry for the children that some adult, any adult, in their lives didn't protect them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, these are the sickos that need a justice sytem that will rid society of them, not cuddle them, and let them off as they normally do in this country with nonsense. Lock them up with Bubba and let the cards fall where the may. Two wrongs may not make a right, but in these cases, when an innocent child is involved, let's play cards...


February 09, 2009 4:02 PM  
Blogger DJW said...

I once again suggest a penal colony on Baffin Island for these guys.


February 09, 2009 8:38 PM  

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