April 23, 2009

Long Time No Hear...

Oh. I know it's been ages since I blogged when the Blogger thingee forgets me and makes me sign in again. I am too old to keep remembering passwords.

I have been running around like an idiot, and am just getting caught up now. I have been thrashing Porsches around Mosport - which, yeah, is just as much fun as it sounds. Probably more. For anyone who doesn't follow racing stuff (which would include me), Mosport is in Bowmanville just east of Toronto. It is third fastest track in the world, and a really, really world class venue. We got to drive it with a full line up of Porsches - very, very fun, and very, very fast. Articles will run next Saturday in the Star.

I was lucky enough to speak to a club out in the Caledonia/Hagersville area a couple of days ago. The Daffodil Ladies are over 200 strong, and turned out in force to listen to me speak about my Dad. A farming community, they knew more about the stuff I was talking about than I did. It was a blast - and I have to tell you, church ladies cooking is still tops.

I have lots of catching up - I'll toss things in today and tomorrow, some great links you of course must read. Because I told you to.

I know, I know.


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