June 22, 2009

Beer Ye, Beer Ye...

Okay, here's an idea for anyone needing a reason to try a new beer. This article suggests the ten beers you need to try this summer.

The Poor Sod drinks his way around the world, though usually ends up back in Germany. My father would be so proud :)

Friends of ours, Tonia and Jerry, always bring beer when they come over. Their eldest, Damian, goes to the store with his Dad and selects the beers they will be bringing. They arrive with one of each of 6 or 8 different kinds. It's hilarious.

But reading this list, I think Damian may be onto something...



Blogger Chris Brown (not the felon) said...

Have the Sod try "La Fin du Monde". A seasoned Quebec beer (how can you not like a beer called the End of the World?) that tastes like a fine mix of cat pee and Aardvark arm pit odor? Yes... aardvarks have arm pits and they have yet to discover Axe antiprespirant (makes you smell like a man, not an Aardvark.) It is available at an LCBO near you, although those nasty Music Fest dweebs may have bought it out.

Whenever we go to friend's places I always take a new and untried beer, while my wife takes an old and tried wine. That way we're covered. If we have to spit the beer into the sink, we crack the wine and nurture our tastebuds back to life.

A margaritta or two helps, as well.

June 24, 2009 10:11 PM  

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