August 28, 2009

Ian Park

I've mentioned Ian in my column before - he's our personal greeter at No Frills where we shop. Actually, he's a stock guy, and he's funny and sweet and usually says hello by bashing a cart into the back of my legs while the Poor Sod watches and laughs.

Anyway. He's a character.

He's always had a beard. For 32 years, as it turns out. His daughters have never seen him without it. As a joke one day, one of his co-workers offered him fifty bucks if he'd shave the damned thing off.

And it went from there. Yesterday, Ian had his beard and head shaved, and raised over $1500 for Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital's Maternity & Children's Ward. Awwwww. Whadda guy.

If you want to flip a few bucks to a worthy cause, in honour of a decent guy, here's the link.

*I suck at posting this stuff. These are supposed to be 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER', instead they're 'AFTER' and 'BEFORE'. Oops.

I also don't know how to make it leave more space when I put in pictures. Webgod, where are you???

UPDATE: I fixed it. Because this is a blog entry about a nice guy doing a nice thing, I won't publicly trounce you. WGJ


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