October 7, 2009

Top Gear Hosts Try to Kill Each Other

Part of the fun of writing for the Wheels section in general, and Mark Richardson in particular, is that you never know what's going to happen next. I mean, I know I have to have something filed by noon every Tuesday, but when you get a phone call every once in a while and an English accent says to you, "Lorraine. Would you like to go to X?" Only he doesn't say 'X', he says a place. And when I pee myself with excitement and say 'yes, yes, yes!', he usually says, "Well, I'm sure you would, but I was kidding." (The other editor, Andrew Meeson, sent me to San Francisco and didn't even pretend he was kidding. Andrew is kinder than Mark.)

But then he let's me go. And it's as awesome as you think.

The best part of driving cars and writing car features is when things go crazy. When things don't go according to the very detailed itinerary they always give you. Things can and do go sideways - literally and figuratively - and the best stories are in the sideways.

You have to read this from Top Gear's Richard Hammond. I'm aware that Jeremy Clarkson gets most of the buzz from this show, but Hammond is actually terrifically funny, and rather cute. Of course the antics on Top Gear are just way more fabulous than the antics I get up to (I would probably die or something on Top Gear. And they'd let me; it'd be good for ratings), and you just know there has to be some blow back.

The three of them - Clarkson, Hammond and James May - were doing a cross country trek in three beaters in the southern U.S. They decided to make life hell for each other and paint slogans across each other's cars. Slogans that might get the back of the locals up a little.

Just a little.

Oh, and here's review of the Corvette by Hammond. I love it. Thanks to Alex for the link.


Anonymous buzzwhack said...

No sympathy for these dorks from me. I've been to the South, the North, the East and West and guess what? You do offensive things to people there and they'll get rude. Saddest thing is it has nothing to do with cars.

October 07, 2009 1:33 PM  

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