October 10, 2009

Your Tax Dollars....

Did you catch this one yet? The trucker busted for having a smoke?

And eagle-eyed OPP officer in Windsor-Essex County did the dramatic take down. Seems a trucker having a smoke is breaking the law. You can't smoke in any workplace. Even if that workplace is the cab of your own truck.

I don't smoke. But I guess technically, that would mean I couldn't smoke in my own kitchen, if the mood struck me. Dumber still? The quote from the OPP spokesperson who said "smoking while driving is unsafe because you need to take your hands off the wheel to light a cigarette and look down to butt it out."

Yeah. Like the same hand you take off the wheel to change a radio station? Or adjust your seatbelt? Or scratch your nose?

They've finally introduced legislation to outlaw handheld phones and other nuisances from drivers. Even though it's been proven for over a decade that remote conversations of any kind are just as deadly. If this province is going to continue to be so giddy-up stupid about laws for everything, couldn't they at least get them right?


Anonymous buzzwhack said...

My issue with the smoking laws is a simple one. It isn't illegal to buy or sell cigarettes in Ontario but the optics of government allowing the industry to continue operating in light of the health problems is terrible. They can't turn away the income from taxation so, they just place a bunch of ludicrous restrictions which in any other indutsry would be fought tooth and nail as discrimination. I wish the government would stop the hypocrisy and outlaw it one hundred percent. Yes, we'll have a bootleg industry overnight but that isn't news to the reservations either.

October 10, 2009 7:19 PM  

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