November 21, 2009

Darwin vs Genesis

I wasn't sure what to expect when I plopped down at the table with my morning paper this morning. 'Darwin vs Genesis' declared the headline. 'A literary smackdown'.

Ugh. I wondered what was coming. Some magical muttering about how sacred the bible is? Some stab at Darwin's ponderous scientific treatise? Well, yeah. Both those things. I mean, how the heck does ol' Charles stack up to God? He doesn't. His (Darwin) declarations were more along the lines of 'the wee-toed, hinge-jawed, spear-tailed gnat eventually lost its sense of sight because it lived at the back of a cave and had enough to eat without ever coming out. For ten thousand years.' Now, how does that compare to a thunderous 'In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth'. Hell, which movie would you go see?

But I read it to the end, because my tea was the perfect temperature (searing) and I had a cat on my lap who begged me not to get up. And there is nothing better than the Saturday paper when you've already done the grocery shopping the day before, so before the lads even wander into the kitchen you can already say 'yes, there's tons to eat, stop bugging me'. Well, yes, there is one better thing: when one of those lads can finally drive himself to work and you can remain in your jammies for an extra hour or two.

Read the piece until the end. It's worth it.

She said, all bossy boots.


Blogger OmemeeOzzie said...

I was scratching my head... until the final sentence!

November 21, 2009 3:34 PM  
Anonymous buzzwhack said...

I prefered the Bible's sequels, especially Revelations. It's like a Stephen King novel;a seven horned and seven eyed slain lamb, 7 golden candlesticks with one that turns into man with fire blazing from his eyes, Now that would be one amazing movie Imagine if Hammer Films or Roger Corman directed it. I've read Oxfords's Companion to the Bible and found it fascinating. Learned more from it than the actual book, sad to say.

November 21, 2009 4:28 PM  
Blogger FibCarver said...

Yup, that last paragraph was worth the wait.

November 23, 2009 6:48 PM  
Blogger Christian said...

I'm struck with love of the phrase "all bossy boots," and I wish someone would use that around me some time. Better, I wish they'd used it around me when I was single.

The risque and countercultural artist R. Crumb is apparently illustrating each book of the Bible in his inimitable style. I saw Genesis recently and was very impressed with the seriousness with which he treats the material. Check it out when you've the time. I wonder how he plans on living long enough to seriously render the entire Bible in graphic novel format, though.

November 24, 2009 11:58 AM  
Blogger Deven said...

Talk about evolution. I'm all excited because I just figured out that I can increase the font size on your blog.

November 25, 2009 1:55 AM  

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