November 24, 2009

Justin's Dad

You may have heard of this guy before, but it is the single, only, good reason I've found to let Twitter live.

A 27-year-old young man just writes down whatever his father says.

It's called Justin (shitmydadsays).

The G&M did a bit a couple of months back, but for obvious reasons they couldn't put in the best ones.

I hope you have nothing else to do for the next 15 minutes. And anything you're eating will be out your nose.

Thanks to Roz for the link


Blogger sxoidmal said...

I love that ... guy? link? site? I refuse to seriously refer to a live feed as a "tweet." But I've been a fan of that source of extemporary brilliance for some time. It's great. Yes.

November 24, 2009 11:54 AM  
Anonymous jmd said...

That was a hoot! I'm going to embroider some of those sayings on some pillows.

November 24, 2009 1:11 PM  
Blogger OmemeeOzzie said...

Roz again... there is a definite pattern here...

November 24, 2009 2:42 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Female Pattern Badness.

jmd, I might like one of those pillows - Christmas is comin'...
Oh, and hi Christian!

November 24, 2009 2:46 PM  
Blogger Nursedude said...

Justin's dad is my new hero.

November 24, 2009 4:18 PM  
Anonymous buzzwhack said...

OK, I read a whole bunch of his posts and I admit I just didn't get too turned on with one.I found him to be old and cranky with a scatological fetish. Exactly like the customers at the parts counter at Canadian Tire on Saturday Afternoons, come to think of it.

November 24, 2009 8:23 PM  
Blogger DJW said...

I have seen my future.

November 25, 2009 7:19 AM  
Anonymous Arlene said...

Okay, I LOVE this guy! Thank you. You made my day. I usually skip over the serious stuff, the sad stuff and the political stuff in your blog. (Life's just too short.) Sure glad I didn't miss this!

November 25, 2009 11:19 AM  
Blogger OmemeeOzzie said...

Sadly, I seriously thought this was all political...

And yes, I have indeed been told today...

November 25, 2009 7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are two of my favourites: (to WGJ: I found two that didn't use the eff word - rare)

"Here's a strawberry, sorry for farting near you...Hey! Either take the strawberry and stop bitching, or no strawberry, that's the deal."

"The baby will talk when he talks, relax. It ain't like he knows the cure for cancer and he just ain't spitting it out."


November 27, 2009 12:28 PM  

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