November 3, 2009

Short Story al a King

A couple of months back, I was all whiny about a short story that appeared in Esquire by Stephen King. It was shite, I believe I said, though it's possible I'm paraphrasing. Anyway, for a guy who is capable of hitting 'em out of the park, I get peeved when he serves up lousy work.

Well, here's a link to a way better piece, in the New Yorker. I like it. It's typical twisted King, but he's obviously worked the gore and stupid out of his writing and returned to what he's good at: normal people.


Anonymous buzzwhack said...

It's amazing King didn't write more clangers given his prodigious output. The Tommyknockers was very subpar. He doesn't even remember writing Cujo.I am in awe of this writer simply for what he did considering his background. We used to live on the other side of that state and I know that kind of town, that kind of people and how you can just disappear if you let it happen. I tip my hat to Stephen King and hope one day I get a quarter far as he did.

November 06, 2009 11:48 AM  

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