January 12, 2010

Detroit City

Of course, truly Motor City this time every year. Got back from the auto show late last night. Which yes, means I bailed early. But in just three years, this show has shrunk incredibly. And deking early doesn't seem such a crime.

and I drove down in a Mazda Tribute she managed to mooch for us (thanks, Mazda!), with snow tires. Last year, I drove down with my editor in a Mercedes in a raging snow storm - no snow. He made me drive; he let us nearly run out of gas. Oh forget it. Read the link.

This year, two crazy women hit the road for the near 4 hour drive. It flew by - what can I say, women yak.

We stay in Windsor, and have to boot it through the tunnel at 7 in the frigid morning. I sleep like crap in hotels, and by the time the wake up call came at 6 I reckon I'd had a solid half hour of sleep. And it showed.

Another colleague, Brian Early (Bright 'n Early) had a 2010 Camaro, so he drove us over. The border guard asked so many questions about the car I swear I could have been Osama bin Laden peering out of the back seat screaming 'Canadian' and he would have let us through.

The show is always cool, though the freebies have gone the way of the dodo. We were each responsible for coming up with a Top Ten list - and before we could even start to fight about topics, Richardson said 'and no lists of what you miss'. Sigh. No massages, no shoe shines, no sushi bars, no booze bars opening at 10am, no spectacular Dodge boozeups....had a decent cappuccino or three, but rest assured, your tax dollars are no longer going to the journos.

I'm tired, and filing stuff like crazy, so this is it for now. But if you have a favourite new car you want to see, ask and I'll see if I have a pic. I took a bunch...


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