August 27, 2010

A Party, She Said...

In a weak moment, I suggested Ari have a party for his 16th. It coincides with the end of summer, the beginning of school, the advent of his driving years...and so much more.

Christer's girlfriend will head off to Ottawa for school shortly, and all around me these kids are growing up. I'm sure my sepia-toned image of one last hurrah is not quite what they had in mind, but regardless, a party will commence this evening.

Apparently right around the time I usually go to bed, they will descend. The upside? Ari has to work in the morning. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I am staying home, hoping to rope a friend into coming over. Considering two of her kids will be here, I think the least she can do is join me for a glass of wine and a cup of sanity.

If I've learned one thing writing about these kids over the years, it's that you never have to make anything up. All you have to do is write it down. With that in mind, I am going to live blog the parts that are safe for human consumption, here from my computer in the middle of the kitchen. Don't worry; I'm not wrecking their fun - most of these kids have been up north over the years and consider me a minor speed bump in their celebrations.

And when I've had enough, I'll head up, after tossing all the sleeping bags and pillows we own into the rec room. There is a merriment in the air presently; we'll see how things look in the morning.

See you later...


Blogger Chris Brown (not the felon) said...

Ok little miss smartypants. I looked up "sepiatoned" in the dictionary. After telling me there were no matches it suggested I might have meant "spitoon." If the kids at your 16 year old's party need a spitoon, there is a real cry for help coming from that little part of Burlington you call home.

Unfortunately I will be preparing for the flight home from this little piece of hell they call Caracas... so I won't be able to participate in the fun of live blogging.

Just remember to spit in the proper spot.

August 27, 2010 4:48 PM  
Blogger Chris Brown (not the felon) said...


The only thing worse than publicly humiliating yourself on a blog involves having to ask your best friend's mom if there would be a spare pair of your friend's underpants you could borrow for... oh... let's say an hour. But I should point out I was 3 years old. And had endured a HUGE scare.

So I just figured out that "sepia-toned" was an unfortunate meeting of hyphenation and spatial requirements. Not a simple hyphenation of a long word (sepiatoned) but a questionable usage of a hyphen when speaking of tones of a colour.

Now let me put on my rose toned glasses (see?... no hyphen required) and get back to my job of avoiding an unfortunate and early demise.

August 27, 2010 4:56 PM  
Anonymous buzzwhack said...

Sounds like you're in for a fun evening. I'd love to hoover up all the drinks but right now, I'm trapped underneath a hulking 1969 Pontiac GTO that needs a new rear main seal or it will use my garage floor as a spittoon. Have fun.

August 27, 2010 5:54 PM  
Blogger Webgod Jeff said...

Quite disappointed I wasn't invited.

August 27, 2010 10:27 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Come on over. I have a distinct feeling this isn't ending anytime soon...

August 27, 2010 10:30 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Cops showed up on my deck. No, they didn't fall through it.

And they were quite cool.

Thank gawd.

August 28, 2010 1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to go to No Frills and see how Ari looks after his night of partying! Just saw this today so sorry that I missed it yesterday to follow the festivities!

August 28, 2010 10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bet leafblower guy wishes he had his own blog this morning! ;)

August 28, 2010 12:32 PM  
Anonymous B1 said...

Jeeze, it must be nice being one of your kids. End-of-summer parties, fun at Mosport driving hot cars.... Offspring just aren't supposed to have that much fun. Are they?

Egad. I think I'm officially a codger.

August 28, 2010 5:10 PM  
Blogger DJW said...

Boy Thing's 17th Birthday involved seeing if he could break the buffet at Tucker's.

I think he managed 6 plates.

(I did only 4, I'm out of practice)

September 01, 2010 5:26 PM  

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