August 4, 2010

Today's Hatey Commercial

Hate might be too strong a word, but I'm in a mood, so we'll go with it.

There's an ad for a toilet bowl cleaner. Dunno which one. Anyway. They convince you your toilet isn't clean by dissolving some little tablet in it that sticks to the....stuff....that the previous bleach cleaner didn't get.

All I can think of? Those little pink pills the health nurse used to give out in school on Dental Health Day. Remember? You got a toothbrush and a few of the little pink pills. You were supposed to brush your teeth, then chew the pill, then grin like a monkey to see all the places you'd missed. Everyone had pink stains; some kids, like Weird Jimmy from the apartments, had a totally pink smile because he'd never brushed his teeth before.

The pink pills were always a hit. For the perfect kids who got to prove they were indeed perfect, for the science kids who asked what the pills were made of, and for the kids like me who just had nothing better to do.

Now, they're showing me a toilet, and all I can think of is my 7-year-old gap-toothed smile.


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