August 6, 2010

What Will You Admit To?

I'll go first, though I'm sure you'll all think far less of me for knowing the following:

I have never, ever seen Sex and the City.
Ditto Buffy, ER, Law and Order, CSI: Miami, or Hannah Montana.

I do watch The Office (both versions; I'm not all snobby about it), Arrested Development, The Big Bang Theory, and that series where they show hillbilly lottery winners. Sometimes that hoarders show comes on. I don't turn it. I am, however, waiting for the day when a hoarder wins the lottery. THAT will be Trainwreck TV.

I have never read Ulysses. Lord, I have tried.

I've never read that Eat Pray Love thing. I will not be seeing the movie. I think Shirley Valentine did it first, and better.

I've never seen Titanic (only bits and bobs of it). I haven't seen Avatar; I doubt I ever will. I haven't seen any Sex and the City movies (obviously). Nor The Notebook, Crying Game, Dumb and Dumber, any Mission Impossible, any Harry Potter, any Twilight.

I love Bob Newhart; I don't like Will Ferrell.

I'm Team Angelina all the way. Though I never understood the whole fighting over Brad Pitt thing, to be honest. He's just a spoonful of ~meh~

I don't like bacon or ice cream.

I went to a psychic once.

I could probably be a vegetarian. Until I want a steak, and then I have one.

I drink a lot of tea in the day. A lot. And then at night, I drink wine.

And then I try to read Ulysses. Again.


Anonymous Sarah said...

I tried to watch an episode of that stupid Sex and the City shit... and got bored and annoyed within ten minutes.

I prefer the British original of The Office.

I've never read Ulysses either, and I have a degree in English. Don't tell on me.

I don't like Will Ferrell either. But I think I like Ben Stiller less.

Bacon is heaven.



I don't watch Disney, visit Disney, or buy Disney.

I won't read Ulysses.

I was a vegetarian and even a vegan for many years, but BACON brought me back to flesh eating. (Though the first meat I ate after nine years of being a vegan was a huge ass steak. Yummm.)

August 06, 2010 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Surly said...

I'd like you more if you weren't so judgmental about the whole ice cream and bacon thing.

August 06, 2010 8:04 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Oh, and I'm incredibly judgmental.

August 06, 2010 8:36 PM  
Blogger Nursedude said...

I think the Tragically Hip are an example of why Can-Con rules need to be repealed.

Haven't tried to read Ulysses, I tried reading Homer but it was all Greek to me

9/10 people who quote statistics are idiots...

Team Angelina!!

The Office is where I go to work and Dilbert is it's prophet

Tea: but none of that herbal stuff. If I wanted to drink lawn clippings i would.

William Shatner for GG!

Newhart and Carol Burnett are the true gods of TV comedy.

Truly dislke: Dax Shepard, Amy Poehler

August 06, 2010 9:37 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

I see your Carol Burnett and raise you a Madeline Kahn...

August 07, 2010 8:10 AM  
Anonymous jmd said...

One of my favorites - Madeleine Kahn as Lily Von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles, singing "I'm Tired". A classic.

August 07, 2010 8:46 AM  
Anonymous Janie said...

"A spoonful of meh." Yes, that pretty much sums up Brad Pitt for me, except now he's meh with an ugly goat beard. Gah.

I have to agree with you on most of this. The movies that play in this house are picked for me, so I can say I've never stayed up through any of those movies. Could be the movie, could be the wine.


August 07, 2010 9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Notebook is worth seeing. You did not miss much with Avatar, just a lot of blue and green.

No Team Angelina or Jennifer or Brad.. they are all pfftt..

A Steak, with a baked potato, sour cream, fried onions and mushrooms... now that is food!

Wine.. I could go for a glass. :)

August 07, 2010 11:12 AM  
Anonymous buzzwhack said...

Truth be told, I've seen about 5 minutes of all the modern tv series. That's about all I can get into before losing interest. I don't think it's a quality-content thing more as a generational thing. I have every episode of I Spy, Rockford Files, Miami Vice is as as new as it gets.
30 Rock is cool, however. Toughest Joyce book that makes sense reading would have been Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Ulysess must have been when Joyce was submerged in apple cider. Angelina Jolie & Pitt are mehhh. Last movie I saw in a theatre was Terminal Velocity. I gave up after that. Books are waaaay better.Who needs a movie when you've read The White Goddess by R. Graves or If you could See Me Now by Straub?

August 07, 2010 11:44 AM  

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