September 6, 2010

Anything You Forgot to do Before You Went to Work Today?

As the story of the missing Chilean miners turned from one of tragedy to one of hope, it has reached its inevitable stop on the story line and stalled at 'soap opera'.

When the 33 miners were discovered trapped but alive, it was pretty astounding. When it was announced it would take months - months - to build a parallel shaft to free them, you could have heard a pin drop. Anywhere.

33 men trapped in a small space for months. My 2 boys fight if they have to share a rec room that's 20' x 12'. For an hour.

But, to the soap opera. Apparently, back at the surface, vigils are playing out for the trapped loved ones. Seems some of the vigils are for the same loved ones. By women who didn't know of the existence of the other. My guess is those questions, shouted down the narrow tube that connects the lost souls to the surface, are being artfully ignored.

Another interesting twist is a mother bitching that her son's paycheque should go to her. In spite of the fact he has a wife of ten years standing and two children. Really, Mom? I hate mothers like this, who refuse to acknowledge their son has grown up. HIS FIRST PRIORITY IS TO HIS FAMILY. And that means his wife and children. If he still loves you and respects you, well, that's just gravy. But mothers who muscle in to try to be the most important woman in his life are just sad and creepy.

I get that Chile is not Canada. Resources are scarce, and these miners apparently earn about $1600 bucks a month in a country where minimum wage is closer to a hundred bucks a week. I'm sure it's not odd for a man to be a support for more than his immediate family. But squabbling over donated clothing and money and food on the surface, while 33 men are simply trying to stay alive smacks of a tininess of heart that is stunning.

But with previously unknown kids surfacing, wives and girlfriends discovering each other and your mother fighting over canned goods, I'm wondering how many of these guys might decide it's safer to just stay put.


Anonymous buzzwhack said...

The mother wanting access to her son's cheques sounds strangely out of place doesn't it? I can't help but wonder if it was taken out of context or somehow manipulated. I say this because as I was reading the opening lines of your post, I thought it was going to be a discussion about how this story has hit an apogee of sorts. Without tangible developments towards rescuing the miners, newscasters would likely shift this to the backburner. No local content, no major changes etc. Then you mentioned the paycheque angle. I thought "what a great way to keep reader interest going!" I guess you could say it shows a shallow side of me,but I learned from the best in public relations.

September 06, 2010 4:25 PM  

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