October 1, 2010

Uhm, I Have a Question...

...or sixty.

Two stories in the past day or so have given me pause. While I was spanked for writing recently that sex offenders can indeed place themselves within the range of your kids, I still maintain now, as I did then, that it is not all that tough for them. Bad people work hard at being bad. They are good at it.

David Frost, that creep who escaped punishment in Ontario for being the original pig hockey coach (partying with his young players, screwing their girlfriends, on and on...)and most importantly, being at the root of the incarceration of Mike Danton, a young player in his charge who went on to play in the NHL. Oh, and apparently also went on to try to take out a hit on his former Svengali.

The whole thing was sordid. And gross. And the subsequent trial revealed even more sordid and gross. If they didn't convict Frost of anything illegal, he was certainly shown to be ... icky. Is calling someone 'icky' actionable?

Anyway. As you would imagine, he slunk away. Much like that coach who was convicted of sexually assaulting his young male players, Graham James. I'm going somewhere. Hang on.

Graham surfaced in Spain. He's been coaching kids for three years. Nice. And now, Frost has surfaced in California. He is coaching kids. Awesome. But Frost changed his name. You know why people change their names? To hide. He denies he is hiding. He just took his middle name and his wife's maiden name...to not hide. Maybe I'll change my name this afternoon. Not to hide. Just for a change. It's like changing wallpaper. Submit suggestions in comments. I'm partial to vowelly names.

Someone Googled 'Jim McCauley' or 'David Frost' and up came his doughy picture. Apparently, some parents had some qualms. But worse, some knew and didn't care. KNEW AND DIDN'T CARE.

Come on people. These are children. You're supposed to ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. Grown men don't materialize out of nowhere, and it's easier than ever to do some research. I'll take a stab at people who would send their teens to a hockey school without checking things out: they Google their kid's name every day (or their own), but never the 'coach'. Google as a vanity project, rather than a research tool.

I could end this here, but one more thing: in Toronto, where school board trustee elections are on the slate next month, a name has had to be removed from the ballot. Linda Pitney registered to run in Eglinton-Lawrence. Made it to the ballot.

Why? Because she was charged with threatening to bomb an elementary school and shoot its teachers. For 6 months she kept up her campaign.

Really stupid? She was removed from the ballot because she lived 100 km outside of the jurisdiction.

Thank god for the Al Caponish victories of small laws.

Because apparently, nobody can be bothered to ask any damned questions to keep these kinds of people away from our kids based on REAL crimes.

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Anonymous buzzwhack said...

It's so unfortunate that due diligence isn't being done when screening candidates in charge or working with kids. Hindsight is always 20/20 when they realize the damage done and the lawsuits that will emerge. With chicken hawks, someone's hind is always in sight. Someday we'll have effective laws to protect the kids and they'll be enforced.

October 01, 2010 10:22 AM  

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