November 15, 2010

I Don't Have to Dis Sarah Palin

It's done way more effectively by Hadley Freeman from The Guardian, right here.

She watches the Alaska/Palin mash-up so we don't have to. It's hilarious. The commercials were too much for me.

I've been to Alaska. It's awesome. That's all.


Anonymous jmd said...

I see that Sarah's new reality show got the highest ratings ever for the TLC network.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

November 16, 2010 9:18 AM  
Anonymous buzzwhack said...

This Palin character has got to be the world's largest walking, talking suppository.Half and hour of her and you just want to s#@&*t.

November 16, 2010 8:25 PM  

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