December 6, 2010

Priorities, Shmiorities

I have been known to get snarky when I believe politicians do dumb things. When I shake my head and wonder what world they live in. When they do the modern day equivalent of 'let them eat cake' (and yes, I know that is a misquote/wrong quote, but I don't care so don't correct me, I'm making a point). Anyway, because I can be a little frosty to the elitish out- of- touch elected people, I feel it's only correct to acknowledge when they get something right.

Because the U.S. has solved that pesky healthcare problem, and global warming has been reset to simmer, they have moved on to things that truly threaten the security of their nation, the future of their children, and the price of tea in China: they are passing a bill that will stop commercials on TV from being so loud.

Well, first, can I have a 'hallelujah'? Finally. If you've ever noticed, the worst shows have the crappiest commercials. They also have the biggest variance in sound. This means that if you are watching, for instance, a Connie Selleca made for TV movie from 1987, you can sneak it. Until you get jolted back to 2010 by a Snugli ad. And call now and get 2 free. Maybe they know that if you are cold, your teeth are chattering and you need to be able to hear this remarkable offer.

I often have the TV on for background noise while I make dinner or pretend to write. The low voltage word fumble is fine, until I am implored yet again to sign up to get my degree at night, even if I have 12 children and a lame-ass no-good husband. I do have the time, they tell me. The cat gets jolted to the floor in fear as I ponder going to Georgia for cooking school.

Are loud ads a bane? Absolutely. But should the highest level of government in one of the biggest countries in the world be worrying about it as their economy swirls the drain? I doubt it.

Guess they could always call Russell Oliver. He'll give them cash for their used gold. I know this. He just yelled it at me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to say it, hallelujah! At least the Americans are doing something about it, and just in time for election season (which seems to last forever). IF this goes through, and is implemented, We won't be hearing Sarah Palin, or those US car retailers doing their own home grown commercial, while we step out of the room. Now, if Canada would follow (or lead), we wouldn't assailed by "We want your gold" or how the toilet paper won't stick a bears butt.

December 06, 2010 11:55 AM  

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