March 7, 2011

Mining for Meaning

Excellent slideshow in Salon today that matches my decidedly pensive mood.

Flip through the pics and descriptions from another era - abandoned mines and mining buildings. I've seen a lot of these in Colorado, and they really do pull you up short. We climbed over them and peered down into them and mostly just soaked up the eerie echoes of what was a terribly brutal yet sometimes euphoric past.

Considering the moment the United States is embroiled in right now, with the swirl of abandoned cities and the destruction of worker's rights, it's not a bad time to look at these photos with a nod to history, geography and humanity in general.


Anonymous bljones said...

If you want ruins of a more contemporary and automotive nature, check out the Ruins of Detroit:


March 07, 2011 11:02 AM  

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