July 30, 2011

"Once in 100 years"

If you think you're tired of hearing about elections or voting or civic engagment...read this. If the jawdropping gobsmacking mess the Fords are making of Toronto (and why do they get to have two mayors? Anyone?) isn't enough to smarten up voters, read this long view from Hamilton lawyer Herman Turkstra.

It applies to every municipality, every city, every country, in the world. All of us.

We are turning over the most important decisions in modern times to one- hit wonders, pinheads and fools. Politicians are more concerned with getting elected than with serving, and voters have forced them to be that way. We are rewarding mediocrity, and condemning those with the brass to take a long view (and hence risk the next election) and do the right thing.

Canada is at a crossroads, about to be hugely impacted by global shifts and more importantly, that rumbling elephant to the south. We have changed the world with our consumer habits and demands; how much are we willing to pay?

We are facing many 'once in 100 years' decisions.

We really need to be paying better attention.

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July 29, 2011

Unfortunate Headlines...

Maybe I'm just tired, or the summer heat is finally settling in. But sometimes a headline makes me do a doubletake, and I wonder if I'm alone...

"Samaritan fatally shot while feeding homeless with his family"

Just me?

July 28, 2011


Anyone want to know how fast a fancy new Seadoo can go? I can tell you. It can go 110km/hr. Even with a screaming, terrified woman on the back, holding onto the guy driving tight enough to fuse their life jackets into one.

Spent yesterday up in Killarney, Ontario. One of those places I knew existed, but never knew where. Or why. It was a spot on a map, a sign on the highway, a place referred to once in awhile by someone as I would nod and smile. But it's gorgeous. You go up Highway 69 past Parry Sound, past the French River and then go some more. Before Sudbury, you hang a left. Another 67 km of windy highway brings you to the prettiest bay with the most amazing boats. Bigass boats, like yachty things.

Spent the day in the North Channel of Georgian Bay playing with PWCs. That's personal water craft. I say that like I knew what it was before yesterday. Last time I was on a jetski, they were still called that, and I was pregnant with Ari. That was not fun. Yesterday was fun. And these things are nothing like the old versions.

We were based out of The Sportsman Inn, a glorious old place that has been totally done over and is now a real jewel in the marina. If you're thinking of a great place to go for a couple of nights, to escape kids or just take a cool road trip and stay somewhere and spoil yourself, check it out. Beautiful rooms, tiny, tiny town (population 500, though I'm told that is stretching it). Ask for owner, Rachelle. Lady rocks.

So. Water and harbours and forests and stuff. Why a pic of the MINI? That's what I drove up there. I love MINIs. Fun, fun, fun. For long stretches of winding isolated highways, this is the car.

More later. I'd only been home a couple of hours before I headed north, after getting back from Quebec and the RV extravaganza. I had to dig through mounds of laundry to find the cats. And the boys.

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July 18, 2011

You'd think it was summer or something...

I am a remiss blogger. Forgive me. Had a friend here for the weekend and her 4 (yes, count 'em, 4!) kids camped in my backyard. Two small ones and two larger ones, Ari emerged from the basement (from his self appointed solitary confinement where he'd hooked up his computer, created a bed and laid in snacks to weather the small child invasion) and said "uhm, how many are there?".

It was fun. I have been spontaneously hugged about my knees in ways I'd very nearly forgotten. But the computer (and work) has been blissfully ignored while making sure everyone who wants Fruit Loops is indeed fruit looped.

My piece on the Biker's Reunion in New Liskeard ran on Saturday. Here's the link if you missed it - it was a blast. If you're a rider, I highly suggest you mark this event on your calendar for next Canada Day. Beautiful area, well worth building a vacation around.

Back to work. I leave Thursday for Gaspe in an RV. If you see Ari, offer to feed him....

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July 7, 2011

Honda Indy

You get a flat, I'm your girl. Seriously. 21 seconds. As long as you have a race car with a flat slick, and all the stuff is sitting there waiting, and there is a cute guy who can help handle the old tire, and and and...

Nika and I had a blast yesterday at a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Canada with the Honda Indy. Ten duos representing various media outlets competed, and while we didn't win, we didn't lose!

Nika is awesome at this. Her site, racerchicks.com, is on haitus as she's on maternity leave...her new little girl is gorgeous! She's been involved in racing and rallying and cars forever, and I was lucky to have her as my partner. Next year, we're gonna practice at her place first. And smoke the competition. Really. I'm not going to care at all about my nails. Not a bit.

Tomorrow is Free Friday at the Indy. Head on down for free entry with any donation to Make-A-Wish Canada. Sweet deal.

Here's Nika, showing how it's really done.

July 5, 2011

Sqaure Off - Tuesday

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we're going live!

Yeah, it's usually taped. But today will be live, and I'll be co-hosting so way more chances for screwing up.

Tune into CHCH channel 11 at 5:30 for all the fun!