August 31, 2011

Square Off - Wednesday

The ten year anniversary of 9/11 has unleashed an unfathomable bunch of crap into the market place. A t-shirt for your dog? Check. Vile mouse pad? Check. Ridiculous racist colouring book? Check. My personal favourite? Fabric. Yep. Fabric.

Join us at 5:30 on CHCH 11.


Anonymous buzzwhack said...

a doggie tee shirt commemorating 9/11. Yes, that's pretty ripe on the bad taste meter. Now fabric, would that not be the same thing as the tee shirt except without sleeves and neck hole? Perhaps for making sexy 9/11 BVDs with the tower collapsing? Sends quite a message to the ladies and a daring statement for the viagra challenged male. Or better yet, 9/11 bikinis. Yeah I can see that being a big hit.

September 01, 2011 12:30 PM  

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