September 1, 2011

Me & Jack

In the midst of a crazy day, or week, I sometimes get a little shot that makes me stop and consider the value of the trip if I'm not considering where I'm going. You know how it is; you work and work and stress and stress, and forget sometimes it's all just a hamster wheel if you don't get out of your cage.

Three years ago, we did an RV trek though the Maritimes. At the time, the boys were cranky with no internet, we had rain, and Raine, and 6 people in an RV. Live and learn.

But I met a man who I still think about, and today I heard from a woman who dropped me a note. Jack McDonald had come into her work to make some copies: copies of the piece I wrote about him 3 years ago. She kept a copy for herself, and contacted me to let me know he was 80 now, and still going strong. Jack is awesome; so is Sue for letting me know. I went back and re-read this piece, and finally remembered to consider where I'm going.

Thanks, Jack.

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Blogger Chris Brown (not the felon) said...

Too often we get caught up in our own little hamster wheel. I am on one now, it seems but just got back from Kelowna where I have abandoned my youngest to the Cougars and Ogopogos of the world at UBC. It did make me pause for a bit and expose the life I call my own. Perhaps a hamster wheel; certainly not Jack's life. But it's mine and I believe the two young ladies I have foisted onto this world have enough wonder in their hearts and songs in their heads to make a difference to someone. Perhaps a journalist who squeaks into their town one day. Perhaps not.

Thanks for making me stop and think.


September 06, 2011 8:56 AM  

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