November 12, 2011

Just sitting here, minding my own business...

...and this comes in. I get weird emails; we all do. I love the ones from RBC, informing me that my banking information is 'needed right now please enter your passwords to this email:' or something like that. I don't bank with RBC. Or, the one I've been getting lately from 'cogeco' informing me I've reached my limit for emails. And to quickly click here and enter my blood type. Sure. I kept one I got from the FBI, somewhere, informing me that I needed to contact them to find out about the report they were preparing on me. It has an official seal. I know it's official; it looks just like the floor in the foyer of the FBI building on Alias. I loved that show and often had dreams that I could kick ass like Sydney, all the while harbouring a not-so-secret crush on Victor Garber. Me, not her. He played her Dad; that would just be creepy. Geez.

Anyway. As much as I loved my FBI report letter, part way through all the very official information, I found a line saying, 'do not call and report that you are receiving this letter. This will get you in very big trouble'. Then again, it took me all the way to that line to believe this was not an FBI missive. What can I say; I live for subterfuge.

But just now, I got the email I've cut and pasted below. I love languages I can't understand. The only part I get is the 'raineyraja', and the only place that is my user name is the New York Times, a million years ago. So, that tells me someone is digging through their data banks, somehow.

No, I don't know what this is. You think I'm gonna click it? Not likely.

raineyraja で作成した YouTube アカウントの、登録プロセスが完了していないので、お知らせいたします。下記のリンクをクリックして、登録を完了し、アカウントをアップグレードしてください:>

アップグレード後は、他のすべての Google サイトで使用しているアカウントで YouTube にログインできるようになります。

: YouTube アカウントをアップグレードしないと、2011/12/10 に削除されます。 問題が生じてご不明な点があれば、YouTube ヘルプセンターをご覧ください。

YouTube チーム


Anonymous jmd said...

I have millions waiting for me in Nairobi if I would just help them out by sending my banking info.

Victor Garber is cute, but aren't his ears a little too big?

My word is guactam, which must mean a hat made of guacamole. A sure way to be popular at parties.

November 13, 2011 6:14 AM  

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