November 12, 2011

A mighty wind

Much as I love that movie, that's not what I mean. I am still sitting here, fnigres corssed, that a fierce wind will pick up all the leaves littering my yard and carry them away. I should be raking. I do not feel like it.

I have a huge maple tree out front that leisurely drops its leaves. I know in my wee heart that I just have to wait until it's done; going out before it's finished is futile. It's stubborn. I love raking maple leaves because you can actually get somewhere very quickly. Stupid little oak leaves take forever, though the absolute worst are those sticky little locust leaves. I think they're locust; I don't have one, but a neighbour does and I hate them. I have to pick their nasty little locust leaves out of my lawn, they have to rake my big, blowing around maples out of theirs.

I've told Ari he has to help me rake tomorrow. The back is the toughest, because we have to haul all the leaves to the front yard to dump them on the road. We live in the core, so we get the leaf sucker coming around, which is great. But then I have to find a tarp to haul the leaves all the way out front. When the kids were little, I'd tell them it was like a wedding dress made of leaves. They would look at me blankly. Boys are no fun.

I've told Christopher he has to put all the planters away. I have a bunch of big heavy ones all over the yard. He just looked at me and said 'you made me get them all out, and you never planted them'. This is true; I never managed flowers this year. Some seasons just get away from you. This past year has had four seasons get away from me.

So I'm debating raking; I'm debating vacuuming; I'm debating the pile of laundry that would give a mountain goat pause; I'm debating sorting out photos, getting groceries, changing beds and writing. I'm thinking of washing the shutters, sorting files for tax time, and cleaning out my closet. I've lost a leather jacket somewhere. Seriously. I can't find one of them. It's making me crazy. I'd rather lose a kid than a leather jacket. I'm kidding. Nearly. The kids always come back.

So, a ton of things I haven't done. What have I accomplished? Well, I've had a cat or two on me all morning, so there has been much absentminded petting taking place. I've written a column that made me cry, so I have to put it away until it doesn't make me cry. I've started strong-arming an editor I want for a project I have in mind (the fact she's family should put me over the top, I'm thinking), I've been scripting some additional scripty stuff for the pilot, and rightthissecond I've decided to throw a total spanner into the works. I'll tell my producers another day. They're not family.

But mostly I'm just looking at the leaves.


Anonymous Roz said...

I'll keep my fnigers crssoed too or however you spelled it.

November 12, 2011 5:56 PM  

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