April 19, 2012

Square Off Thursday

Well, I told you down there I'd be on for three days...and two next week!

Today we're tackling bullying in one segment.

Tune in, CHCH channel 11 at 5:30.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you Lorraine. I am glad the topic is getting more coverage, but there are still some elements that are not dealing with the reality of the teenaged brain when it comes to bullying. I know you understand how the almost- grownup little buggers think, in as much as that is humanly possible, as I have picked your brain a few times in your "Blame it on Lorraine" when I was stumped. It seems to me there are a number of great kids out there, yet they see what is deemed by those in charge to be bullying, as just normal conflict between some youth. After a kid is driven to suicide, I honestly believe the majority of youth are shocked and saddened yet were really not aware that some brutal bullying was taking place. The bullying was summed up to be just regular stuff that goes on between kids, a whole school community is left feeing shocked, saddened, even guilty, then the same old discussion seems to go around. I am no expert, but as a parent of two teens, I feel we really need to look at this with some fresh ideas.

April 19, 2012 1:46 PM  
Blogger DJW said...

I must say you look a lot more comfortable in front of the camera now than a few years ago.

I would suggest that you get the gig permanently, as Liz's voice makes my hackles stand up.

That, however, would take time away from your book writing.

Just saying.

April 19, 2012 7:50 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Hi Anon, thanks for your comment. If you watched, you're probably wondering where the bullying segment went. Interviews couldn't be firmed up by taping, so we had to change it out.

Not sure if we'll get it today, but maybe next week. I'll be back Thursday and Friday next week...

DJ - I actually like Liz's voice; I like Liz, too. She's off having throat surgery, however, so you may get your wish on the voice change...

Oh, and the gig? Not my shtick, though I'm happy to pinch hit when they ask. Feel free to email the show and let them know of the Lorraine looooooooove. I'm such a writing control freak it's odd to not have control of the words!

April 20, 2012 8:51 AM  
Blogger Chris Brown (not the felon) said...

That last sentence sounds like it could have been spouted after the fourth glass of pinot.

You know... the one you opened with your teeth.

April 20, 2012 2:23 PM  

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